Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vintage Easter Spread

I can't even believe that it is almost April! That means that Easter is right around the corner. We had the St. Cloud Times call and ask us today about what kinds of ideas that we had for Easter centerpieces and place settings. All we had as of right now was pre-made items so we thought we better fix that. The centerpiece is what I would recommend starting with and then you can use it to base your colors and accents on later. We created a three tier centerpiece using terra cotta pots and trays. We started with the largest tray, then placed a pot upside down on the tray. Now you have created the next platform for another tray and so on. Sizes of your trays and pots should be decided according to what you will be placing on your tiers. For the bottom of the centerpiece we used pots filled with floral foam, moss, and small bushes of spring flowers. You will probably need only a few bushes because you will cut them down to fit into your pots. For the next tier we experimented with a new way of displaying your colored eggs, instead of egg cups we used small cupcake liners. It gives it a more elegant look. We topped it all off with a chocolate bunny. Instead of using the usual Easter grass, which, lets face it can look a little cheesy at times, we used shredded scrapbook paper. For a really colorful look use double sided paper. We just used a paper shredder to do the work for us, you will be surprised you actually won't need to shred that much paper, we only used one 12x12 sheet. Hopefully we have inspired you to do a little holiday planning and make a festive setting. Tiff

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