Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stamp & Wrap

I was so busy yesterday getting ready for our All Day Scrap this Saturday that I completely forgot to blog!! I can't believe it, but I am back and ready for today's project. I always find myself at home, last minute of course, trying to throw a present together for a birthday or something of the sort, and I NEVER have wrapping paper. I don't buy wrapping paper unless it is Christmas and I think gift bags just aren't as entertaining for people to rip open. So I was thinking it might be fun just to create our own wrapping paper from things you might have around your house. I started with basic brown craft paper that you normally use for mailing packages. You can also use plain colored paper, tissue paper, etc. Now you can put to use some of those stamps that you have around your house that you use for scrapbooking or decorating and embellish your paper using paint and ink. Here we used Ceramcoat acrylic paint and distress ink. Now you have custom wrapping paper! (Sounds fancy doesn't it) You can even top it all off with a bow made from left over yarn scraps from your last knitting project. Even if these aren't supplies that you already have at your house it ends up saving you money on gift wrap! I love it and I hope you do too. Just a reminder, don't forget to come in and check out our Crafting Contest, the entries are all so amazing, the race for the winner is getting heated. A lot of the categories are REALLY close. Also if you come in and vote your name will be put in the drawing for 10/ $10.00 gift cards, you can enter once a day until Friday the 23rd.

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