Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crafts Direct New Billboard

Hey everyone,
Its Nate, the advertising guy here at Crafts Direct. I just wanted to make a quick post and share with you some fun stuff (well, I think its fun). Yesterday we had a brand new billboard go up in St. Cloud on Division Street by St. Mary's cathedral. I had a chance to drive by and snap some pictures for anyone that doesn't get over there and I must say, it looks pretty neat. We are really trying to make a new statement with our advertising that represents who we are. Many of you may not know that Crafts Direct is a local family owned business and only one of its kind. We want to set ourselves apart from the typical craft store because we hope that our store would be a place to go for inspiration for creating things that are an extension of who you are. We hope that as we are changing our advertising that you will be a part of it and give us feedback as to what you like and what Crafts Direct means to you. Hope to hear from you soon. Check out the new logo! Keep your eyes peeled for fun new changes, we will keep you posted!



  1. Remarkable work! The design is outstanding! Love the new logo too! Awesome work, Nate! You're so good! Meg

  2. Wow, really cool. I love it.

  3. hey nate, looks good! Can't wait to see it next time I am in St. Cloud! nice work

  4. Nate, awesome new logo and design, fun, fun. You are just too talented.