Friday, March 16, 2007

French Inspired Memo Board

Its Friday!!! Hopefully everyone is having a fantastic day and gearing up for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. Sadly I don't have a St. Patty's themed project for you today, instead I want to give you a project that you can use every day of the year. Memo boards have endless craft possibilities but I won't overload you today, I will just show you our very fancy french inspired memo board. The toughest and most time consuming part of this project will be just deciding what kind of fabric and frame you want to use to coordinate with your decor. You will need a frame (whatever size you desire), fabric (we used Anna Griffin fabric, our frame was 11x14 so we only needed a fat quarter), and lastly you will need either a sheet of metal or a sheet of cork. We used cork on ours so that we could use it as a bulletin board, it is also easier to cut the cork down to your desired size using scissors. Since your fabric will be mainly held in place by your frame you will only need to use a little tape to hold it in place. We wrapped our cork in fabric like you would a present, then we put it in the frame and replaced our backing. It is nice to have the backing because most come with a stand or hooks attached so that you don't have to do more work! The same can be done using metal so that you can create a magnetic memo board. Keep posted with us on our blog or in our store for more ideas on memo boards and fun ways to personalize your magnets. Have a great weekend, see you Monday! Tiff

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  1. wow, cool idea. I am totally going to try to make a magnet board! Thanks for all the great ideas!