Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tea Towels

If you have been checking our blog from the very beginning you may remember when I talked about giving your flour sack towels an update. (If not check out the January Archives!) Today I have a project for you that was done for the store to give you an idea of what you can do to spice up a traditional craft. We used the everyday white flour sack towel but we cut it down in size to create 4 fancy tea towels. We cut the flour sack towel in 4 even sections and then hemmed our ragged edges. The embroidery was done using one of our Savvy Stitches embroidery kits which we had mentioned before. These kits are great because the patterns are very modern, they can be used several times, and if you aren't an embroidery pro no worries, they come with directions and everything you need to get started. The edges are what gives this tea towel a unique look. We used rick rack, ribbon, and a ruffled trim. Each was sewn on one at a time. Rick rack can get a little tricky so make sure you get it wide enough to fit your stitches down the middle. Hopefully this will just get the ball rolling for you and you can make it your own. The best part that I have found of embroidery is that it is probably the most inexpensive craft out there so you can splurge on the accessories!

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