Monday, March 19, 2007

Extreme Crafting

Today's project is kind of a different sort of project, it is more like a little something to inspire you to be bold with your crafting. If you checked out my blog about the Urban Craft Uprising you might have run across some of these groups that are changing the way we see crafting these days. The one that was most interesting to me is actually a knitting gang...that's right I said knitting gang. It is called Knitta, Please! "it is a group of more than 10 ladies of all ages, races, nationalities, religions, sexual orientation and gender". The group "tags" the city with colorful pieces knit from left over yarn with a note attached signed by Knitta, Please! along with their web address. Business owners are then greeted by a silly, thoughtful piece of art that is easily removed instead of the graffiti that is most commonly scattered in the city. The group originally began as an anonymous crew but as their popularity arose they were forced out of secrecy and are now finding themselves installing exhibits of their works in galleries. Ok, so you don't have to be this wild and crazy, but it is a great inspiration for us crafters to get involved socially with one another for good causes or for just plain fun. Tiff

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