Monday, March 12, 2007

Custom Plates

Well hello, Happy Monday! I am back for more project ideas. Lately I have been really interested in collecting and decorating with plates. The problem is the ones with the really intricate patterns are usually the most expensive, so I thought why not make our own version. It is a pretty simple project but I think you don't know how good it looks until you try it. We used My Mind's Eye, Bohemia collection scrapbooking paper for ours but you can use fabric as well. We traced the bottom of the plate onto the paper and cut out our stencil. Then to adhere to the back of the plate we found that using vellum adhesive spray works really well, then you won't see any of your adhesive showing through. That's it, that's all. That might be the world's shortest project! Obviously they are not meant to be eaten on but they work as nice chargers or just decoration for your table, walls or shelves. We used some of our seasonal chargers to really dress them up for decorating your table. Hopefully we have given you a project for your own home or at least sparked some ideas. Back for more tomorrow. Tiff

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