Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 22

Day 22: Paperweights - Now I know what you are thinking, "they are to cute to be paperweights," that is where you are mistaken. Megan made these and did a great job of showing all the different techniques and mediums you could use to create your own. Some are made from an acrylic and some from large round marbles, otherwise known as Glass Drops. You can find the materials to make them on the back end cap of aisles 16 and 17 at Crafts Direct. They are the perfect gift for a co-worker or secret Santa.


  • Small or Large Glass Drops - SPC
  • Acrylic Dome paper weight - SPC
  • Patterned paper of your choice
  • Ultra-Seal
  • Stickers, Embellishments, Vinyl letters, Rub-ons, etc.
  • Circle punch or Die-cut machine (2",2.25",3")
  • Cork circles - SPC


  1. Depending on what size Glass drops you use, you will want to use either the same size circle punch or die from the Die-cut machine top cut your paper in a circle shape.
  2. After you have your paper cut out to match the size of the Glass Drop use Ultra-seal to adhere paper to the one side of the magnet.
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. Next apply of Ultra-seal to back side of paper (backside of Glass Drop) or you can cover the back side with cork, cut in the same size circle.
  5. After all of the Ultra-seal is dry you can begin decorating the front side of your glass drop. Decorate however you wish!

Some Decorating suggestions:

    • Rusty Tin Shapes
    • Stickers
    • Rub-ons
    • Vinyl letters
    • Paper punched shapes
    • Ribbons
    • Rhinstones
    • Buttons

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