Sunday, December 13, 2009

25 Days of Christmas: Day 13

Day 13: Decorative Paint Cans - These are perfect little gifts for a neighbor or secret Santa. The first one, a tag paint can, is made using a clear paint can and filled with handmade to/from tags. The second one is made using a small metal paint can, perfect for a packet of cocoa and mini candy canes. Crafts Direct sells all the materials to make these adorable cans and the stuff to fill them.

Directions for Tag Paint Can

  1. Cut a sheet of paper 3”x12”
  2. Cut the same sheet of paper 3”x3”
  3. Cut coordinating paper to 2 ½ “x12” and 2 ½”x3”
  4. Adhere on top of each other
  5. Connect the smaller sheets of paper to the long strips to make a strip long enough to fit around can.
  6. Using Zip Dry adhere strip of paper to the paint can
  7. Print out quote from computer and use Giga size paper punch to punch it out adhere to Extra Giga size punch out of coordinating paper, adhere to front of paint can
  8. Tie ribbons to the side of the paint can to embellish


  1. Using Giga oval punch, punch out paper to adhere to Extra giga punch out of coordinating paper
  2. Tie ribbon to the top of the tag
  3. Adhere stickers to embellish

Quote on Can: Here's a pail of tags for you, for all the wrapping there is to do. Attach to gifts for any reason to show your love this Christmas season."

Directions for Cocoa Paint Can:

  1. Cut paper into 3" strip. Cut a coordinating paper into a 1 1/2" strip and adhere the two to the outside of the can using Zip Dry paper glue.
  2. Print out quote for the can onto cream paper, and mat onto a patterned paper.
  3. Cut small slits on the sides of the printed quote. Put ribbon through the slits, and tie the quote onto the can using the ribbon.
  4. Cut a gingerbread man out of patterned October Afternoon paper, and use a pop dot to adhere the gingerbread man onto the front of the can, next to the quote.

Quote on Can: "To our friends and neighbors dear, enjoy a cup of holiday cheer! Whether you live far or near, we wish you warmth throughout the year."

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