Friday, August 30, 2013

Project Ideas: 8x8 Shadow Boxes.

Over the next few weeks I'm excited to share with you some new project ideas our team has recently created. Even more exciting is that all of these projects will be using pieces that are currently ON SALE as part of our Anniversary Sale Ad!

One of our easiest pieces to alter and create with are our Shadow Boxes! And the 8x8 size is perfect for those little items you want to display, aren't too overwhelming with space when you are creating, and can easily be added to a counter, a small wall or can also be grouped together to create a display as well.

The 8x8 Shadow Boxes are also an unbelievable deal right now - you can pick them up for only $4.98! Which is 66% off of their regular white tag price of $14.99.

Our designer Melissa created these adorable samples using the 8x8 Shadow Boxes (you can find links to project sheets for each of them by clicking on the project titles). You can also find additional samples we have created using the 8x8 Shadow Boxes on our website HERE.

Happy Fall Y'all 8x8 Shadow Box

Cutie Pie 8x8 Shadow Box

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