Friday, August 9, 2013

Kids Crafts: Foamies.

Today I have an entire aisle of one type of product (although we have LOTS of different pieces/options/choices) that are perfect for Kid Crafting! If you take a peek down aisle 24 in our Paints and Basics department you will find every color, size, shape, and style of FOAMIE PRODUCT you can imagine.

From sheets, to embellishments, to kits, to pieces to alter (can cozies, visors, door hangers, etc) we have enough items and ideas to keep any kid - or adult - busy for days. What I love about these pieces is that you can go with a kit or piece to alter and have it be very manageable and planned or you can just grab a few sheets and let creativity come to life.

The foamie sheets do come in so many colors and sizes - and also come in scented and glitter options as well if you need something that stands out a bit more.

Foamie projects are also great for younger crafters and they are such affordable crafting supplies too!

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