Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Product Feature: Crafting Totes.

Our Fabrics department just got these new tote bags in and they are awesome! There are three styles and each one is a unique and useful in it's own way.

You can find all three of these totes in aisle 29 of the store.

This tote is perfect for yarn specifically - as it has five holes (with metal grommets) at the top of the bag - perfect for the yarn of your current project. This is is $26.99.

We also have this over the shoulder tote - a large bag with lots of divided compartments for your crafting supplies. This tote is $31.99.

And finally we also have this new rolling tote - the largest of the three is is perfect for those heavier items or for packing up for a crafting weekend or retreat! This tote is $59.99.

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