Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New in Gifts - Part 2.

Welcome back for more sharing of new products from our Gifts Department. As I mentioned yesterday there are a lot of new items! And while yesterdays post focused on mainly one section of the department and all the new products in it - today's post is a little more diverse with new items and most have different homes throughout the store as well.

First up - we have a new line of Baby Books and Baby's first year calendars. These are perfect for getting some of those first year memories down and are simple and ready to go as they are. If scrapbooking isn't your thing, or maybe you want to fill out a baby book in addition to creating a scrapbook these are perfect. They would also make a wonderful gift for expecting parents too! You can find them in the front of the store by aisles 31&32 (by the wrapping paper and cards).

Another fun item are these cute coin purses - great for holding little items in your bag (and I know little girls love these coin purses too!) You can find them by the jewelry room at the front of aisle 15.

Across the aisle from the coin purses, you can find these dog themed hanging signs - if you have a furry friend at home I know you will love these signs! The illustrations are great and the sayings on the signs perfect.

Our candle room has a fun new items too, including new Drizzle Melts in a wide variety of scents.

We also have new holders for the melts in the form of plug in lights - these are great because they serve as a light, a decoration, and a melt base all without an open flame or taking up a lot of space.

And we have a new line of standard nightlights as well.

In our candle room you can find a new line of candles that have been very popular! The line of Swan Creek Candles comes in a variety of scents such as Warm Cinnamon Buns, Lemon Icebox Cookies, and Thai Pear.

The last new item from the candle room are the new Car Vent Sticks from Yankee Candle - they come in a package of four and we have them available in a few different scents as well.

And finally,  in our Checkout line you can find some great deals on some stationary items - including notepads, journals, notebooks, calendars, and magnetic notepads!

I hope you can come in and check out all these great new items for yourself soon!

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