Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kids Crafts: Painting & Coloring Kits.

One more Kids Crafts post for you this week! If you know any kids that love to paint or draw some of the products I have to show you today will be perfect!

First, we have these fun painting by number kits. I like these particular kits because they come in varying degrees of difficulty (with subject matter that matches the intended skill age). And they are not to large to be overwhelming but will keep the kids busy for awhile.

The same company also makes the same type of kit with colored pencils instead of paint. A little less messy and would be great to pack along for a road trip or vacation!

 Finally, you've probably seen the velvet coloring pieces before, but we do also have these items as "kits" that come with the sheets to color and the markers. These aren't color by number but it is nice that they come with everything you need for the kids to create a masterpiece.

You can find all of these items in aisle 24 of our Paints & Basics department.

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