Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Project Ideas: MORE Paper Mache Letters

Today is the start of our new Mother's Day Sale Ad (which you can check out HERE). Included in the ad and on sale for only $7.88 each are our large (23.5") paper mache letters. Recently we created some new project ideas using these large letters that I thought I would share with you today - each of them turned out equally amazing but so different too! 

You can find a link to project instructions for each of the letters below by clicking on the project name, and you can also find project sheets for all of our paper mache letter samples by clicking HERE.

Faux Metal Paper Mache Letter

Vine Covered Paper Mache Letter

Washi Covered Paper Mache Letter

Moss Covered Paper Mache Letter

Yarn Wrapped Paper Mache Letter

Hexagon Painted Paper Mache Letter

Doily Embellished Paper Mache Letter

Photo Covered Paper Mache Letter

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