Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Ideas: Wood Suitcase

Happy Monday Everyone! 

I have so much to share this week! Today I am going to share some project ideas with you - but be sure to check back later this week because I also have lots of new products to share with you from our Paints & Basics department AND we will be doing a BLOG GIVEAWAY this week as we celebrate our 1000th post too!!

First up though are these amazing samples Megan created for us using the Wood Suitcases we have available here at Crafts Direct.

I love how she created pieces that are so different from each other, yet both such great uses of the piece. First she created this "Cards Suitcase" - which would be perfect for a bridal shower or wedding - or of course with a little different styling you could create the same type of piece for a birthday party, baby shower, or graduation party. You can find a project sheet for this project HERE.

For the second project we used the wood suitcase to create a little Game Box. With just some paint and vinyl and you have all the pieces for a game of tic-tac-toe, dice, cards, checkers, etc. Plus you could use the suitcase to store additional games/game pieces also! A project sheet for this project can be found HERE.

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