Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fairy Gardens.

One of the biggest things to hit our Seasonal Department with the arrival of our Spring products has been our Fairy Garden products.

There are really so many ways you can set up these little gardens- in a glass container, in a pot, in a glass block, on a stand, etc. In addition to endless options when it comes to where there are equally endless options when it comes to what to include! We have many different houses, fairies, accessories, and decorations to use together. To help spark some of your own creativity and share just how adorable these little gardens can become our Seasonal department has set up some sample spaces using the Fairy Garden products - I have posted most of them below, but you will definitely want to come in store to check them out soon too!

(These would also be a fun project to create in anticipation for the arrival of some leprechauns this weekend!)

You can find all of these products and displays in aisle 7 of our Seasonal Department.

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