Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Baskets.

I feel like Easter has surprised me a bit this year! It is earlier on the calendar in terms of date this year, but also the amount of snow we still have on the ground here in central Minnesota and the cold weather has definitely prevented me from being in Spring mode.

The snow and the cold however, does not change the fact that Easter is already next weekend!  As I have been looking around the store the past week I keep seeing so many great basket ideas- and thought I would pull together a couple baskets with just a few of the fun products you can find here at Crafts Direct in case you need some ideas too.

The great thing is that you can find most of these products all displayed together by our front registers. Any pieces shown that aren't on that front display you can find in our Paints&Basics department.

In the 'boy themed' basket I included: a new Beanie Babies Ballz Viking player, a water gun, some travel bingo cards, gardening (or more realistically playing in the dirt) gloves, a foam football, sunglasses, bubbles, a yo-yo, some robin eggs candy, bubble yum bubble gum, and a few other small toys.

In the 'girl themed' basket I have: a picture projector flashlight, a jump rope, a Dora Beanie Baby Ballz, Hello Kitty lip gloss, a small Pearler Bead project kit, a chocolate bunny, a ribbon wand,  and that small pink bag with the clip actually contains a floppy hat that can easily be clipped on a purse or bag and then put back into the bag when you aren't using it.

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