Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Redneck Drink Cup.

Today I have such a fun new product to share with you!!

You're probably already familiar with our Redneck Wineglasses and our Redneck Stemware - but now we also have a  Redneck Drink Cup!!

Take your regular Red Solo cup to the next level with these Drink Cups...the Red Cup is actually a Melamine cup (not plastic) and is adhered to a glass candle stick. Perfect for your next summer get together and a great gift idea for anyone that likes a little humor in their life!

You can find the Redneck Drink Cups, as well as individual Red Cups, on a endcap display between aisles 24 & 25 at the front of the store.



  1. I've recieved some of the redneck glasses as gifts and the smell of the epoxy or whatever is used to adhere makes me physically ill- I've tried leaving them outside and other things to get the smell to go away. I finally had to throw them out. I get that same reaction in the store so I can't even go near that display. Is there another type of adhesive/epoxy that can be used?

  2. We are sorry to hear that the smell makes you ill. We have done many experiments as to what glues works the best. We use E6000 as that is the one that holds the best. The other glues that have worked are Goop and Craft as found here
    They may have the same affect as they are made by the same manufacturer.