Thursday, May 10, 2012

New in Fabrics.

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to share a few of the fun new items we now have available in our Fabrics Department. We actually have so many new items - that if you haven't been in for a while you will definitely want to come in and check them out - but I will also share a few of the things that we are really excited about.

You can find lots of new patterns and kits in aisles 23 and 25 of the store.

Here are some of our favorites:

We just got a bunch of new Christmas items in - I know Christmas in May seems a bit crazy, but if you want the best selection (plus plenty of time to work on your projects) you will want to check them out soon. We have these new Christmas pillow kits:
And also some felt ornament kits:

As well as lot additional embroidery and stitchery kits (stockings, ornaments, wall hangings etc.).

We have a bunch of new cuddle fleece patterns:

In aisle 23 you will also find some new baby embroidery kits - including bibs, wall hangings and blankets:

We have a few styles available of these new bright, fun embroidery kits from Dimensions as well:

The new "Dolly Mamas" embroidery kits are very cute (and very funny!):

Rag quilts continue to be a popular item in our Fabrics Department and to accommodate the demand we have some new patterns for those types of quilts too:

We have some new doll clothes patterns:

Some really fun felt patterns for card table playhouses and puppet theaters:

We have also seen a big increase in patterns of items that correspond with the entire "Go Green" movement- including bike basket and laundry room patterns:

And finally, even though they aren't new items I also wanted to share these Project Kits that are available from our Fabric Deparmtnet. I'm not sure a lot of people know that we carry these kits - but it makes creating a project so much easier when the measuring and cutting have already been done for you. (Please note however that the fabric included in the kits may not  be available for seperate purchase and the kits are sold with the already cut for the kit.)

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