Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Redneck Stemware.

If you are a fan of our Redneck Wine Glasses today I have some very fun new products to share that you are going to love!!

We've expanded our line of Redneck products considerably and now definitely have something for everyone. You can find all of our Redneck items on display by the Coffee Shop at the front of the store.

So now, in addition to the Redneck Wine Glasses, we a few more specific pieces including: Redneck 'Rita, Redneck Flute, Redneck 'Tini, and Redneck Shooter. All of them also come with these cute tags that add to the charm and of course also make them gift ready!

If you'd rather not have a specific name on your Redneck glass then you can also pick from our various sizes of Redneck Stemware. These pieces come in a few different sizes and styles including: a 8oz jar, a 8oz. wide-mouth jar, and a 16 oz and 32 oz wide-mouth jar.

Not only do we have them available pre-made with the tags attached, but if you would rather put them together yourself we do offer the pieces individually as well so you can create any Redneck piece you would like!

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