Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Don't forget to stop in this week to sign up for our many prizes that we are giving away each day. Today you have the chance to win a Baby Lock Creative Pro Sewing Machine, from the Vacuum Center and Sewing Room, valued at $450.00! There is still time to sign up for our seminars this week, they will be going every day through Saturday. For more information check out our events page on our website or stop in our store!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Samples for Sale!

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about a change that we have made in our store lately. We are now selling our store samples!! We want our samples to inspire people to craft but we realize that sometimes you just don't have time or maybe not the ability to create your own. Now you are able to purchase the samples that you see hanging in our store. They will be marked with a tag and the price. Hopefully this makes things a little easier for those who are on the go and also a unique gift for the upcoming holidays!

Monday, August 20, 2007

More new magazines!

Okay so we finally got in the rest of our new magazines! I get so excited for new books and magazines because they are the source of my creativity. If you are like me I can't come up with fun ideas and projects out of thin air. I like to take things from books and magazines and mix them together to create something that is unique. I am especially excited to share with you my personal favorite magazine (that we have been trying hard to get in) Domino. It is a fairly new magazine but is already getting much attention from places like HGTV. The great thing about it is that everything you see in the magazine is something that you can purchase for yourself, and they will tell you exactly how to get it. For someone like me, the price tags are usually a little out of my budget so I just take the ideas and get to crafting my own piece. They also have super fun sticky tabs so you can mark all of your fav's for referencing later on. I also wanted to share with you my wall art project that I made from Do It Yourself. You should look at their's, it is a little cuter than mine, but you get the idea!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Seminar Series!!

Our 17th Anniversary is this month! One of the ways that we are celebrating is by hosting a seminar series with 6 of our most popular products. We will have demonstrations as well as a tasty dinner from Camille's. The best part is we are giving away some mondo prizes. I must say, those of us at the store are jealous of the prizes! Just to give you an idea we will be giving away the NEW Provo Cricut Expression, a brand NEW Baby Lock Creative Pro Sewing Machine from the Vacuum Center and Sewing Room, as well as several shopping sprees and products used in our seminars. You don't have to sign up for the seminars to be able to register for the prizes but the seminars are a great way to get the low down on how to use your product and all the great things you can do and make, and eat some good food at the same time! If you would like more information on each seminar and what we will be demonstrating visit our Events page on our website. The cost of the seminars are $5.00, so that we can make sure to reserve spots for everyone coming. You can sign up at Customer Service or also over the phone with a credit card. There are still some spots available so make sure you get signed up soon! See you all there!

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Magazines!

YAY! I am so excited, some of our new magazines just came in. There are still some really fabulous ones on the way so I will be giving you another update when those come in. I took some of them home over the weekend to check out the projects in them and I was so inspired I ended up creating some fun wall art for our house! I will have to take pictures tonight once I get it hung and post later this week, but I think you will be equally inspired when you check out the magazines. The great part about them is that they are all about sprucing up your home and project ideas for objects that you use everyday. They don't use overly priced supplies and they really are "craft" based. Craft Magazine (they also have a blog!) is my favorite so far but I must warn you, it will change the way you think of crafting, you definitely will not find any traditional crafting in this one. It really does show you the future of crafting and how to apply a re-use/ re-purpose sensibility to your projects! I hope you are as inspired as I was!! Just a reminder, All Day Scrap is this weekend so get signed up soon!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Basket Weaving Class?

Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask you if anyone would be interested in a basket weaving class if we were to offer one. One of our teachers, Maggie, also teaches basket weaving and we would love to offer the class if anyone is interested. If so you can leave us a comment or email me at Tiffany@craftsdirect.com - Hope to hear from you soon. Here is a sample of a basket that she made up for the store!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Free Project Sheets

We are in the process of adding new project sheets on our website. I just added 4 new free projects on fun ideas for beading and making your own custom jewelry. Make sure you keep checking back because I will be putting new ones up as soon as I finish them! To see all the projects click on Beads & Basic under the Projects Tab.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Lori Krey, Lucy Leabch, Kim Waltman, Denise Lorentz, Lori Lee, Lisa Goodale, Heather Benoit, Brandon Brastad, Brianna Inkster, JoAnn Salzl, Diane Callahan, Heidi Miller, Sandra Kerfeld, Beth Piepenburg, Deb Geislinger, Marilyn Thompson, Mary Salzer, Ashley Johnson, Carol Gilbert, Amber Krey, Peggy Leedahl, Kari Schugel, Andrea Dingman, Dennis Rick, Leanne Miller, Shirley Molitor, Karrie Thies, Mary Bedsted, Jeanette Maciej, and Karen Klaverkamp.
$100.00 GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Sandy McClure
( All winners will also be notified by phone, please pick up your prize at Customer Service!

Scavenger Hunt Answers

1. John & Diane Schlecht
2. 8pm
3. three-tier bracelet
4. (We took several answers for this one because we added new employment opportunities) Closeout store & Class Instructor
5. Darice Blank Frame, Maya Road Chipboard scrolls, Maya Road Blossoms, Rhinestones, Glue Pad by Tsukineko, ultra fine glitter, E-6000 (glue), Acrylic Paint (light ivory, green tea, and think pink by Ceramcoat), and acrylic spray.
6. North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ontario, and Manitoba
7.(This one was kind of tricky, sorry I didn't mean for it to be! It was on our home page in our Craft Cinema, you can watch "how to" videos on popular projects) Vivian
8. Baby Layette Sewing Class at the Vacuum Center & Sewing Room
9. everyone got this right so I won't name them all
10. 1996
We entered everyone in the drawing so if you missed 1 or 2, no worries, we were happy that we had so many people participate!