Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wood Burning and String Art 101

Two crafty trends from years past have resurfaced again, Wood Burning and String Art. These "Do It Yourself" crafting techniques are the perfect way to create customized home decor.

Wood Burning Tool
• Wood Surface
• Pencil
• Transfer/Graphite Paper
• Pattern/Design To Transfer
• Stain/Varnish (Optional)

1. Print out or make a copy of the pattern/image you wish to wood burn.
2. Using a pencil and graphite paper, trace the pattern onto your wood surface.
3. Wood burn your wood surface by following the lines from the graphite paper. Start with  
    outlining the pattern/image, and then shade after the outline is completed. Add the
    detailed burning last. 

    *TIP: Let your wood burning tool cool down completely before changing to a  
    different point. 

4. Add a layer of stain/varnish to the top and sides of your wood surface to protect it.

• Wood piece
• Pattern
• Nails
• Hammer
• String – Thread, Crochet Cotton, Perle Cotton, Embroidery Floss

1. Start by thinking of a design that you would like to use. You can draw your design on a  
    piece of paper or you can find a design online or from clipart on your computer and print 
    it to fit the piece of wood you are using. Pinterest is also a great source for patterns.
2. If you want a word as your design you can type it out in the desired font and print it to fit 

    the size of wood you are using.
3. Lay your design on the piece of wood in the desired position.
4. Using nails you will want to outline your pattern, placing each nail approx. ¼” apart. Go 

    around the entire shape or word.
5. Pick one nail to begin from and tie your string in a knot around that nail. Leave a 3” tail.
6. You can choose whether or not you want to “outline” your shape/word. If you choose to 

    do this, you can take your string and go around each nail head and essentially create a 
    outline or border around the shape.
7. Next you can begin filling in the shape. This is a random process. You will hook your 

    string from nail to nail, always crossing the open space of your shape. Don’t go in any 
    particular pattern, the more random the better! You want to continue this until you like 
    the look of it, either a very dense or sparse amount of string filling in the shape.
8. Bring your string back to the nail you started on and use the tail left from the original 

    knot the tie a knot with the end of your string to finish it off. Trim off any extra.

Lovebirds String Art Frame  

Nail & String Art Painting Panels

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