Monday, April 28, 2014

Project Ideas: Noodle Yarn Projects.

A new product to our Fabrics department is the very popular Noodle Yarn! We have a wide variety of colors and color combinations to pick from and also have lots of great project ideas and inspiration to share with you too!

You can find the projects as well as the Noodle Yarn on a front endcap in our Fabrics department. We also have the supply lists and project instructions for the projects we have created on our website - and you can find links to each of them by clicking on the project names below.

Noodle Yarn Coasters - created three ways!

Noodle Yarn Trivet

Noodle Yarn Heart Bag

Noodle Yarn Mini Baker Kozy

Tiger Tail Noodle Yarn Necklace

Pink Noodle Yarn Necklace

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