Monday, April 14, 2014

New Products: Jar Embellishments.

I shared a little sneak peek of these new items over on Instagram last week - but in case you missed that wanted to share them here as well - and show a little more of the new items we now have available to dress up all your jar projects!

The first line is from Hampton Arts and is called Jar Jewelry - the pieces in the line range greatly - from metal jar lids, to pin cushions, to labels and other embellishments. The decorated lids are really great - and have a wide variety of designs with just this item!

We also have some new pieces from the Transform Mason line - the photo showing just a few - but include stencils, paint, etching cream, wood labels, and jar toppers for yarn and flower arranging.

You can find all of these pieces, along with the other components of the lines - in aisle 21.

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