Thursday, June 20, 2013

Project Ideas: Hair Clips.

We recently added some new products to our Hair Accessory room, and some new project ideas too! We have lots of options for hair products: such as flowers, headbands, binders, barrettes, etc. that are ready to use as they are.

However, if you would also like to add a little bit of fun crafting to create some unique hair pieces we have some great ideas to share with you. 

First, not for hair itself - but a great way to keep all the hair stuff organized - Melissa created this adorable box using one of our SPC stationary pieces. You can find a project sheet for this Hair Stuff Box here.


We have a couple hair clip projects that were created using ribbon.
You can find a project sheet for this Fish Hair Clip here.

And a project sheet with instructions on how to create this Owl Hair Clip here.

And finally, a couple ways to create Pinwheel Hair Clips using felt and buttons. You can find a project sheet for these pieces here.

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