Friday, April 19, 2013

Floral Favorites.

Today I'm excited to start a new Blog Series and share it with all of you!

I thought it would be fun to ask the employees of each of the stores departments to share with us some of their favorite products- either new products that are now favorites or even all-time favorites that have been around for years.

We are going to start with the Floral Department today.

Jacquelyn (the team leader in Floral) shared that her favorite right now is all the new flowers that we have gotten in this spring. There are a lot of new varieties and have great quality and more uniqueness for making bouquets and arrangements. (Plus who wouldn't love to add a little color to their lives right about now!)

Meredith's current favorites are these new feather products. They come in new vintage colors and as peonies! They can also add a lot to a bouquet with other flowers. (You can find these feather items in aisle 3)

Angie's favorite product right now are the Natural Fillers - especially the Sweetgum and Cocklebur. She added that "It's a great way to make decor fun!"  You can find these items in aisle 3, and also on a wing by the front endcap of aisle 3. On this endcap you can also check out a display we created using these natural fillers too.

Carri Ann shared that her favorite floral items are the new poppy flowers - and you can find them in just about every color!

And finally, Brittany's favorite is Glitter Ribbon. You can find this in a variety of sizes, lengths and either with a silver or black backing. You can find the ribbon (as well as this display to see what size you need) in aisle 1 of the store.

I hope you all enjoyed a peek at what our Floral department's favorites are...and now I'm wondering what are your favorites from Floral?

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