Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New in Fabrics.

As we work our way around the store sharing the fun new products - today I wanted to share what is new in our Fabrics Department.

In addition to what you'll see below we also have lots of new products from our recent visit to Nordic Needle and also have just received in plenty of new colors of the Starbella Yarn too!!

First, I want to share some photos of some of the new fabrics that caught my eye (you can find all of these fabrics on endcaps or four-ways within our fabric department):

Last week when I shared some of the new products from our Gifts Department, I shared the Ruffles Scarves - in our Fabrics Department you can also buy the same ruffle fabric that was used on the scarves by the yard: 

These aren't brand new, but they caught my eye today and I think they are great. What is nice about them is that the Cozy Embroidery Kit includes everything you need to make the cozies plus a coaster. I think they would make a great Mothers Day or end of the year Teacher gift!

Another new product (and a very popular one) is the Knook beginner sets and the instructional books that go along with them. Basically this new product allows you to crochet but your end result will look like knitting. You can read more about it on the company's website HERE.

And finally, we also have the new product The Steady Betty. These 'Betty Bands' give you control of your fabric when your free motion quilting, but unlike gloves you don't need to remove them to thread needles, wind bobbins, etc.

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