Friday, April 6, 2012

New in Beads & Basics.

Today I want to share a few new things from our Beads & Basic Department with you!

First we have a few new Beading Items. These new sets of Mother's Day Beads from Charming brand would definitely be a  great gift idea as you start looking ahead to Mother's Day!!

Also new in Beading are these two lines from Cousins Brand - they are called Make the Connection and Snap in Style. Both lines are interchangeable and connect together using snaps so anyone can put a necklace or bracelet together without knowing how to do any type of beading - amazing! and super cute too!! You can find these new beads in aisle 20.

We have the new g2 bottle cutter from Diamond Tech available for only $29.99 - which you can find in aisle 18.
On the endcap of aisle 16/17 you can find these adorable magnetic metal flowers:

Darice has some new SCENTED foamie sheets! Your kids will love them! (Additional colors and scents are available in store.)

We have new "Short Cuts" spray paint cans from Krylon. Now if you just need a small amount of paint you can pick up one of these 3oz bottles. (More colors are available in store.)

And finally, in addition to the white cases we've had available, we now have white totes in store as well. You can find them in aisle 18.

Of course this is just a few new items from our Beads & Basics department...there is much more to see - so stop in soon and check out all of the fun products available in aisles 14-22!

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