Friday, June 24, 2011

New Baking Supplies!

We're excited to let everyone know that our baking aisle has now been expanded to include even more of those fun baking supplies you are looking for.

Our baking supplies aisle now includes 20 4 foot sections and contains some really great new products!

A few of the things we are most excited about are:

1. New DecoPac Cupcake picks, placs and rings. There are many different options such as Twins themed, stars (perfect for those 4th of July cakes and cupcakes), wedding and anniversary.

2. New Wilton Cupcake supplies, including cupcake picks, liners, and treat bags. A few that caught my eye right away were the Cars and Minnie Mouse themed pieces. With the new version of the Cars movie coming out this week it would be a great party theme - and of course how could you go wrong with Minnie Mouse.

3. And the new Punch, Cut Decorate! line from Wilton. We now have all the supplies to get you started on using this system to decorate your own cakes including sugar sheets, and border and single shape punches.

Be sure to come in soon and check out all the new things we have in Aisle 2!

Also, if you would like to learn more about cake decorating check out our Events Calendar for a listing of the cake decorating classes we offer.


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