Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Accu-Cut and Quilting

A while ago we told all of you about our Accu-Cut machine and the ability to cut out quilt blocks with speed and ease. We have added a few new dies. If you spend anytime at all looking at Quilt books, patterns or magazines you know that more and more quilts are being made from 21/2" strips like the Moda jelly rolls,or 5" blocks(Moda Charms) or the 10" square(Moda cake packs), But what if you want to make a quilt using your stash? Well we now have die's for the Accu-Cut that cut all those sizes, several layers at a time. I personally think the 21/2" strip cutter will be GREAT for cutting binding strips.

Perhaps the most popular quilt being made at the moment is the Take "5" by The Teachers Pet.Accu-Cut has put out a die for cutting out the pieces for this quilt and yes we have it.To is ready and waiting to be used. We have it set up in the Fabric Department and we are more than glad to help you get started.

If you would rather have a little space to spread out it is portable enough to move to our classroom if it's available to use. Maybe there's those of you who don't know that we have a classroom available to be used by the public.It's a great room. You can use it by yourself or it's a great room to gather with some friends to work on projects away from the distractions at home.To schedule use of the classroom you just need to contact Kristine, our Creative Director here at the store and she'll get you all set up.

Oh, now that I have you all excited about the new die's for the Accu-Cut, I should tell you that we are taking it with us to a Quilt Retreat at Camp Lebanon this weekend. Oct31-Nov.2.So wait until next week to come in and check it out. O.K.? Have a great Halloween, be safe and don't eat too much candy!

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