Monday, October 8, 2007

Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl!

We just can't seem to get sick of finding fun projects for vinyl! We have quite a big selection of holiday vinyl in right now for Halloween, fall, and Christmas. Make sure you stop in to check it out! We thought we better show you some of the fun samples that we have made with the Halloween vinyl. It is perfect for making home decor pieces that you can use every year or you can use the vinyl to make your existing decor more festive for the holidays. The nice part is that you can remove the vinyl from any surface without destroying it. It makes a great addition to your walls, mirrors, or windows for the holidays. Make sure you sign up in our store for our mailing list for more ideas on how to decorate with vinyl for Christmas. We will be sending out our next Crafts Direct newsletter soon, they always include exclusive coupons so sign up soon!!

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