Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Check out our New Spectacular Holiday Theme Trees

We now have our themed Christmas trees up!! Each room has its own theme with fun accessories of ribbons, ornaments, wall decor and figurines. The themes for this year are;
the Candy Cane room: the tree is decorated to look like a candy cane and it has other fun red and white decorations.
the Gold Tidings (gold and red), the Classic Holiday (gold and burgandy): has a decorated mantel to give you ideas for your home.
the Candy room (pastel colors):has some good ideas for a kid's room with all the fun colors.
and the Victorian room (cream, rose, green, and coral): this theme is very warm and romantic and has unique ornaments and decorations you can use for your home. Come and check out our themed rooms and get ideas to decorate your home for the Christmas Holidays!
And soon to come we have our Copper and Brown theme, Northwoods/Lodge theme and Little Bit Country theme.

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