Saturday, July 11, 2015

Homemade Gift Ideas for Mason Jars!

What is your favorite use for Mason Jars? I believe they are the most useful household product we stock here at the store. With a few coats of paint, embellishments and filler, they can make the perfect gift! Mason jars have so many purposes; vases, table centerpieces, candy/treat containers and a soap dispenser are some common uses I've seen with them.
We have Vintage Ball Jars that are available in limited colors such as green, blue and purple.
There is also a product by Design Master called TintIT in which you can create your own customized colored jar with a transparent dye spray if you wish to add just a slightly different hue to the glass jar.
 Take a look at some of our Store Sample Projects below for inspiration.


We also have pinned some incredibly creative ideas on our Mason Jar Crafts board on Pinterest!  Happy Crafting!

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