Wednesday, May 27, 2015

International Quilt Market (Part 2)

Hello, again!

International Quilt Market was quite the experience!  One that I am still processing through and trying to decide which product to share with you next is a challenge in itself!

We visited the McKay Manor Musers booth on Thursday and then again on Saturday!  So many cute and neat ideas for using Shannon Cuddle Fleece!

They had super cute little stuffed animal patterns and amazing slippers for toddlers, teens, and adults. What could be better than soft, fuzzy slippers from Shannon Cuddle 3 or even Shannon Spa Cuddle!

“The Nap Sack” pattern makes a child’s sleeping bag with just 2 yards of Cuddle Fleece!  

But our favorite from McKay Manor was their new quilt patterns that mix different textures of fabric.  She had several beautiful sample quilts; the blocks were cut from either cotton or flannel and then the 2” wide sashing between was cut from Shannon Cuddle Fleece.  The result was a beautiful multi-textured quilt; soft and warm and a little added appliqué gave the quilt character and uniqueness.
  Shannon Fabrics shared great info on easier ways to use their fabrics in more intricate projects.

For some projects, simply ironing a lightweight interfacing to the back to eliminate the stretch will make it easier to sew.  Also Heat n Bond can be ironed to the back of Cuddle Fleece.  Never iron Shannon Cuddle on the front of the fabric; but a little heat on the back will adhere interfacing to stabilize it or heat and bond to appliqué it to another piece of fabric-or using a pressing cloth. I had to try this myself before writing about it be sure it really worked as well as they said. And it was super easy. And now that we know how to do this…oh, so many possibilities!  

So come on in and shop our selection of 36 feet of Shannon Cuddle Fleece!  You can find all the patterns I talked about hanging conveniently right in the midst of all the cuddle fleece.

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