Wednesday, September 3, 2014

12 Weeks of Christmas Quilt Blocks - Week 1

Whether taking time this fall to make this quilt for yourself or making it with the anticipation of giving it to someone at Christmas, I know you will love the process and more importantly the finished quilt! 
I hope you will join us for these 12 weeks of quilting fun!

 Close-Up of Quilt Block #1

Starting August 30th, the Christmas Quilt Block for the Week is available to purchase. The Quilt Block for Week 1 will be available to purchase in the Quilt Shop until supplies last. A new block will come out every Saturday. The price for the Quilt Block of the week is $8.97.

The quilt is already on display in our Quilt Shop (on the front endcap of aisle #28) and you can also view it below.


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