Thursday, February 20, 2014

Easter Quilt Block of the Week - Week 1.

We have another Quilt Block project that we are currently offering! This project is the Easter Quilt Wall Hanging that you see below - and (like our other quilt block projects) will be completed by working on a Quilt Block per week.

The block for Week 1 is pictured above and is now available for purchase in-store from our Quilt Shop.


More information about the Easter Quilt can be found below:

If you've taken part in our Monthly Quilt Block projects in years past the process will be the same, however we will be completing one block each week throughout the next seven weeks in order to have the quilt complete in time for Easter.

The quilt blocks are $7.97 per week, however if you bring in (or show a photo) of your completed block from the week before you can get the next weeks kit for only $5.97!

The quilt is already on display in our Quilt Shop (on the front endcap between aisles 29&30) and you can also view it below.

Whether taking time this spring to make this quilt for yourself or making it with the anticipation of giving it to someone at Easter - I know you will love the process and more importantly the finished quilt!

I hope you will join us for these 7 weeks of quilting fun!

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