Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wedding Trends & Ideas.

Our Floral Department has been busy the past few weeks putting together some new ideas and inspiration for the upcoming wedding season.

They have so many great ideas and the displays are absolutely gorgeous!!

I especially love this center piece arrangement they created and then added the letters to spell out "come away with me". You could use this same idea and spell out the bride & grooms names, their last name, just married....there are so many options.

Another awesome thing our Floral Department did was create idea/inspiration displays for the different wedding trends we are seeing for 2013. Some of the trends we are seeing are:

1920's Look & Feel (with Laser Die-cuts):

Braids & Chicken Wire decorations:

Backgrounds & Paper Lanterns:

Bark & Birds:

And a really big color this year for weddings - mint green:

I also love this display they created using the large paper mache letters:

Burlap details are also still very popular:

And in case you didn't know: the "official" color of the year for 2013 is emerald green:

We also have a display using purple & white:

Some ideas on how to decorate a arch:

As well as plenty of ideas on the extra little details and flowers/ bouquets too!

If you are in any stages of planning a wedding you will definitely want to stop in soon to check out all the new items and displays!

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