Monday, September 24, 2012

Metal Trees.

The fall season here in Minnesota definitely has all of us enjoying the sights of the beautiful fall colors on the trees, unfortunately the season doesn't last long (at least not long enough in my opinion) - but I do have a couple tree projects to share today that you can enjoy all year long!

We created these family/photo trees using a couple different styles of the metal trees we have available, which you can find at the front of the store by our vinyl room. We simply embellished them a bit with paper and fabric embellishments and photos. Of course you can follow a specific theme or season while decorating these trees or you can go for a more general theme that will work with any decor or time of year. Either way they are a great way to bring a bit of that love for beautiful trees into your home or office.

You can find a project sheet for this Autumn Metal Tree HERE.

If you want a more general themed tree, you can find a project sheet for this Memories Metal Tree HERE.


  1. Hi! Does the frequency of your posting depend on specific things or you create articles when you have a specific mood or spare time? Can't wait to hear from you.

  2. We post when there is something to share. For example if a new product has just arrived, if there is an upcoming class or if we have a cute new sample to share.