Thursday, March 22, 2012

New in Floral/Home Decor.

Today I wanted to share a few new items from our Floral/Home Decor. Department - who also oversee all of our baking and cake decorating supplies.

First up, we just received copies of this new (very popular) Push-up Pops Book. The book is gorgeous with full color full page photos for each recipe included, and the recipes are great because they vary to include cakes, ice creams, cookies, and puddings. Plenty of ideas on how to fill up some of those Reusable Push-Pop containers. You can find the containers and the book in aisle 2.

Also in aisle two you can find our wide variety of Wilton baking pans. Some of the new ones (which are perfect for spring & summer) are: the Cookie Bowl pan, the Ice Cream Sandwich pan, and the Mini-Cakes pan.

In addition, we also have a few options of Whoopie Pie pans from Wilton. We are also anticipating the arrival of a 'mini' whoopie pie size soon.

You can also find some general summer baking items on the endcap of aisle two. These items included cupcake liners and toppers, cookie cutters, treat bags, and  ice cream cups.

And one final new item from our Floral Department: Prom Garters. On the endcap of aisle 1 you can find a bunch of different styles and colors sure to coordinate with any prom attire.


  1. I love cake push ups! I made some for a recent activity and everyone loved them. Glad you know you have the supplies.


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