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Monday, August 8, 2011

Redneck Wine Glasses.

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with all of you a really fun project we have featured in the store right now!! Check out these Redneck Wine Glasses...aren't they great!?

Created simply by gluing a jar to a candlestick these could be a fun project or gift for so many occasions. Of course you can leave it simple with just a jar and the candlestick, but you can also personalize them a bit more by adding beads, painting them, adding vinyl to them...or whatever else you can think of.

We also have created for you some really cute Redneck Wine Glass tags (that you can find HERE) so you can attach them to the wineglasses when giving them as a gift.
A complete project sheet with supplies and directions as well as a instructional video can be found HERE.

You can find some completed samples and all the supplies you need to create your own on our front endcap between aisles 21&22.



  1. That would make a great "white elephant" gift to get people talking! TFS! --LC

  2. redneck wine glasses are lovely.. this glasses look amazing in the party and also nice to gift someone..
    thanks for this post

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  4. your label link is not working

    1. Sorry about that. We recently updated our website, but we have now fixed the links. Thanks.

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