Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hexbugs are here!

Hexbugs are little robotic creatures that scurry around like real bugs -There are several kinds to choose from, many of which will react to touch & sound! They're available in 5 colors, different varieties and have accessories to go with them. Check out the images and videos below to find out more:


  1. Can you share how much they are selling for?

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Here are the prices for the Hexbugs we carry:

    Nano: $9.97 yellow tag
    Inchworm: 19.97 yellow tag
    Original: $12.97 yellow tag
    Ant: $12.97 yellow tag
    Crab" $19.97 yellow tag

    We also carry accessories for the Hexbugs including a Habitat Set (that comes with 2 nanos) for $29.97 yellow tag.

    Other starter sets range from $11.97 to $19.97 yellow tag

    They can be found by the checkouts at the front of the store :)