Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween Glass Block Ideas

Well, with Halloween a little over a month away I decided that we needed some more glass block samples. I wanted to do something other than vinyl on them. So, as I was walking around the store I found some cute Halloween napkins that we sell and thought they would be perfect on the glass blocks. Turned out I was right. The dinner size ones fit nicely on the 7x7 glass block, and the beverage napkins worked great on the 5x5 glass block. I did have to cut apart the napkin to create the border on the 2 larger blocks. On the smaller block I just used ribbon to trim out the napkin for more of a finished look.

All you need are some napkins, Mod Podge, google eyes (a new love of mine), lights/LED tea light, ribbon/tulle, and buttons.
1. First remove the white layer from the back of the napkins.
2. Then cut out a square which will be a quarter of the napkin. Also cut the border out around the rest of the napkin as you will use this to piece together your border on the block if you are making a larger block.
3. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the front of the glass block. Making sure the opening is on the bottom(this is more crucial for the small one) place the napkin on top of the Mod Podge. Use your finger to gently smooth out the napkin. If you are using the napkin border apply the same way.
4. Once you have the napkin on the block cover with a few coats of Mod Podge.
5. Once dry add buttons, google eyes using Glue Dots. I used a glue runner to attach the ribbon around the spider napkin.
6. Wrap Glass block with ribbon or tulle, make bow use wire to secure and hot glue.
7. Insert a 20 ct light set in each of the larger glass blocks. For the smaller block I placed it over a LED tea light.


  1. Hi Kristine! I love your Halloween Glass Blocks. They are the cutest I have seen. I am just getting into the glass block crafts. I love your idea of using napkins! Do the glue dots work well (permanently) over the mod podge? And does the hot glue gun secure the bow onto the glass? I would love to hear any ideas you have to help me.

  2. Thanks Nycole. I am glad to hear you love them. The glue dots do work well on the mod podge, once the mod podge is dry. You could certainly use tacky glue or hot glue for applying the the google eyes and buttons. I find the glue dots are a lot less messy. I used hot glue to glue the ribbon in place that I wrapped around the glass block and then hot glued the bow in place. Let me know if you have any other questions. Have fun crafting!

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