Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Advice From...

We got in these postcards a while back and I just think they are the neatest thing. You can send them, keep them, share them, & even frame them. Each postcard starts with "Advice from a ..." and relate to life. I made a couple of samples for the store that I thought I would share them with you. I picked a few of the postcards I liked, here are the post cards I picked.

I then picked out papers that coordinated well with each of the postcards. I then went through my photos to find ones that related to the postcards I had chosen. I cut them down to fit on the postcards and matted them. I went as far as cutting around the snowflakes on the snowman postcard and tucked the photo behind. I added some rhinestones to the centers of some of the snowflakes for some dimension. For the lake sample I cut around the Cattails on the paper using an X-acto knife and tucked the postcard behind it. Use your imagination to create a one of a kind gift for the friend, mother, father, or the graduate in your life.


  1. Kristine, I saw your examples yesterday and I love them all! I was going to pick up the dog and lake ones- but the dog one was out, and there isn't a spot for the lake postcard. Just wondering if there's another spot in the store with more of them, or is the lake one just out too?

  2. We, unfortunately, do not have them located anywhere else in the store. I looked into the dog & lake one and I am sorry to say we are out. There was a home for the lake one but was covered by another. We do have more on order and hoping the order will be in soon. If you would like to be contacted when we get them in you can email me your info. Again, I am sorry we were out of the ones you had wanted.