Monday, November 17, 2008

The 7 Christmas Themes!

This year for Christmas we have 7 different themes.
1.The Winter Wonderland is decorated in a turquoise blue and Silver with a snowy touch.
2.Purple Elegance has purples and silver to decorate in and accented with black furniture pieces.
3.The Gathering room is full of fun woodsy decorations and red and light green floral.
4.Santa's Helpers has bright green and red for it's colors and decorated with Santa's and elves.
5.Grandma's Treasures has a traditional look with red and pewter floral pieces.
6.Classic Christmas has a very elegant look decorated in red and golds with fruit accents.
7.Winter Tide is the blue, brown, and light green mix, and is also our Zonta House Theme for this year!

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