Friday, June 6, 2008

Beautiful New Sample

Hello! Hello! I had to share this new sample with you all. Leah in the Fabrics Department just finished this beautiful shawl/wrap. She used the new "Naturally Caron Country Yarn." I love the color she chose: Ocean Spray. And the great thing is that the pattern is free. Stop by the Caron Yarn endcap at the back of aisle 28 to pick up your own pattern & yarn today!


  1. This is a truely beautiful yarn. The cable make up and fibrant colors are really wonderful. The price is a great value for such a premium yarn. It just makes you want to "just hug it" it is that good.

  2. I agree. I am making a sweater for my Mother's birthday. I had difficulty choosing from all the fabulous colors. One is just a gorgous as the others. Now that I have started my Mother's project, I want a sweater for myself. This yarn is such a joy to knit with.

  3. I know Leah said that she really liked how her sample turned out & that it was a really soft, great yarn to work with. I think I'm going to have to try to use that yarn for my next knitting project. Thanks for the comments!