Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Give your tree a little GLAM this year with some glitter! Check out this project to take your everyday plain bulbs that you already own and turn them into new and fresh ornaments for the season.
• clear or plastic ornaments
• glitter of your choice
• double sided tape
• self adhesive rhinestones
(we used Kaiser scrapbooking
• your choice of ribbons
• wedge sponge or foam brush
• tacky craft glue
1. Prepare your ornament
by wiping the outside with
a damp cloth and letting it
dry. If your ornament is colored
make sure you choose a color
that is similar to the color of
glitter you have chosen. Place
a newspaper on your work surface to catch excess glitter.
2. If you choose to have a stripe of glitter begin by placing your double sided tape
onto your bulb in the areas you want the glitter to stick. Shake the desired color of glitter
onto your newspaper then roll the taped portion of your bulb in the glitter. This will
create a clean line for your glitter to adhere to.
3. To fill the remainder of your bulb with glitter cover the areas with craft glue using a
foam brush or wedge sponge to get an even application. Sprinkle glitter onto the glued
portion of the bulb before the glue has dried. Make sure to sprinkle on a lot of glitter
so all the spots will be fully covered.
4. Accent your stripe using self adhesive rhinestones evenly spaced along the
edge of the stripe you created.
5. Hang your ornament using coordinating ribbon, we used 2 different ribbons to
add variety.
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