Thursday, September 6, 2007

Crazy for Vinyl!

I wanted to give a big congratulations out to all of our winners last week from the seminars! We are hoping to have more seminars in the future so if you missed them, keep your eyes peeled! I have a fun project idea to share today! It would be great for a fireplace mantel or shelf and you can customize it to the decor of your home.
SUPPLIES: 1 - 4X6 frame, 3 - 5X7 frames, 2 - 8X10 frames, 3 - 12X12 scrapbook papers, "family" vinyl set. DIRECTIONS: 1. Begin by cutting out your scrapbook papers according to the size of your frame (1 - 4X6, 3 - 5X7, 2 - 8X10). Place your decorative paper inside each frame the way you would a photo. 2. Adhere the vinyl to the outside of the glass on your frame using the directions in your vinyl package. (Adhering it to the outside gives it a more 3 dimensional look when it is displayed.) 3. When displaying your frames, stagger the letters to add to the 3 dimensional feel. There are tons of options with this project to make it your own, you can use different styles and colors of frames. You can also hang the frames on your wall and add photos of your family around the phrase. Check out our vinyl display at our store for all the supplies you need to get started!

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