Thursday, July 26, 2007

And Still Counting

Hello all! I am excited to share some fun news with you about a fellow crafter in St. Cloud! Caron Lage is doing her part as an artist to create awareness about the horrific number of lives that have been lost because of the war in Iraq. She is creating a small quilt for each American who has died and on that quilt small french knots to represent each Iraqi. Using the numbers from a previous display in Oregon, that's 3055 little quilts with 212 french knots on each one. The quilts will be made and bound with solid color fabrics. Any color, they represent the soldiers who represent us and we are of every color and ethnicity. People have started to contribute to her cause sending her squares they have made as well as donating materials so that she can continue with her cause! Check out her blog to learn more or to contribute!

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