Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Getting lost in the web of craft!

Previously I had told you about the Urban Craft Uprising and how as Minnesotans we are lucky because we have two such craft fairs right at our fingertips, one this April in St. Paul. However, I don't think I mentioned as I was finding all this information how much crafting is happening online. I was reminded of this when one of our employees, Valerie, gave me a list of some of her favorite craft blogs. As I started looking I encountered lists and lists of people out there crafting like crazy and blogging about it. I was overwhelmed with all the ideas and links to other ideas that I got to the point where I didn't even know where I started or how I got to the page I was on. It was overwhelming but in a great way! I found myself full of fun craft project ideas and bursting at the seams with which one to start first. So my challenge for you today is to get lost in the web of craft and get inspired!! Here is something that I found today as I was "lost" and I thought I would share, it is a group that has adopted the "Craft Mafia" name and are banning together to celebrate crafting. (Hope this works!)

Also we are starting a list of Sites we love on our blog to get you started, please let us know what fun stuff you find so we can add to this list or even to add fun new product to our store!

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